You too can eat all of this Korean food

If you live in the DMV area, you are a short drive away from the best Korean food in the country -- much of which is available around the clock in Annandale, VA. Many head to Honey Pig for BBQ, but we recently introduced my brother to the cuisine at Yechon. The banchan included seaweed salad, fresh, creamy tofu, bean sprouts with sesame oil, buseot bokkeum (mushroom deliciousness), lots of pickled things and of course, two types of fermented cabbage goodness -- which I have been regularly craving.

A cadre of traditionally-clad female servers made sure the bulgogi and glabi were expertly cooked on our grill, then rested on greens until we were ready for seconds. And my brother Michel tried to smuggle out his nearly-finished bottle of Soju but they stopped him at the door.  Apparently this is frowned upon. Who knew?

Korean bakeries are another delight. I'm partial to Shilla, but If you aren't stuffed beyond needing a quick nap in the car before driving home from yechon, stop at Breeze Bakery next door (open until 2) for some bingsoo (a classic warm-weather-pregnant-food-writer craving, apparently), cream puffs and pineapple pound cake. Skip the Oreo cake.